1. Shoot down range ONLY at the backstop. All projectiles (bullets) must impact the range backstop. Keep the muzzle pointed down range while chambering (loading) a round.
  2. No one under the age of 18 is to use the range unless supervised by an adult.
  3. Eye and Ear protection required. Earplugs and safety glasses are available for purchase.
  4. Keep all actions open, magazines out, safeties on and ECI (amply chamber indicator) in place until ready to fire.
  5. Do NOT leave litter. Clean up your firing point and remove targets before leaving.
  6. Alcoholic beverages or drugs in any form are prohibited. Any person having consumed alcoholic beverages or drugs will be refused admittance.
  7. Tacer, explosive, incendiary or other destructive ammunition is prohibited.
  8. Be courteous to other shooters at all times. Remember, calm is contagious, so KEEP YOUR COOL.
  9. Remind other shooters of these regulations and point out to them any infractions.
  10. Obey any special directives given to you by any official of this club.
  11. Report any infraction of these rules to a club official after you have first reminded the shooter of the infraction and he/she refuses to comply.
  12. Repetitive infractions of safety regulations may result in revocation of your membership.
  • 1st Green “verbal warning”
  • 2nd [highlight]Yellow[/highlight] addressed by RSO
  • 3rd Red Dangerous behavior to self or others, BOD action required