1. Safe shooting is always the top priority.
  2. Treat all archers and equipment with respect.
  3. Obey all range and Range Officer commands.
  4. Archers under age 18 must be accompanied by and adult 18 or older.
  5. Before shooting secure loose clothing, long hair, necklaces and hood strings.
  6. Remove bracelets, headphones and facila piercings.
  7. Store bow cases in bow racks or other designated areas while shooting.
  8. Carry arrows point down or in quiver, never pointed toward people.
  9. Use only target or field points on arrows.
  10. Talk quietly and put all electronics in quiet mode during shooting so everyone can hear the Range Officer.
  11. Begin shooting after Range Officer calla a commence fire (1 whistle blast).
  12. Shoot only the target in front of you.
  13. Crossbows may only shoot at backstops designated for crossbows.
  14. Always keep nocked arrows pointed below top of target backstop.
  15. Retrieve arrows only during agreed cease fires.
  16. Clean up after yourself when finished (targets and trash).
  17. Help new shooters shoot safely.

Whistle Commands

  • 1 Blast = Nock arrows and commence firing
  • 2 Blasts = All shooters at shooting line
  • 3 Blasts = Retrieve Arrows
  • 4 or more Blasts = Immediate cease fire