Gun Range Facts

  • Guns with less than 3,600 foot-pounds of energy are allowed on the range.
  • Shotguns using only slugs as ammo are allowed on the range.
  • Black Powder guns are NOT allowed on the range.
  • All guns must be cased before entering the building. If your gun is not cased, we have cases to borrow to bring your gun into the building. We ask that you leave your gun in your vehicle and come into the building and ask for a case before you bring your gun into the building.
  • The range is viewable through digital TVs and bulletproof glass windows. Guests of shooters are welcome to watch from this safe viewing area.
  • We have a three-foot-thick rubber backstop.
  • The range has 12 lanes available, two (2) are handicap accessible.
  • We have a computerized target retrieval system.
  • We feature a state-of-the-art ventilation system, the only one in the Midwest!
  • Bench rests available for every lane.
  • Our range is carpeted and temperature controlled.
  • BCOAC offers first-class training programs and certification classes during the year.
  • Eye and ear protection are required and offered for guests.

*The BCOAC has a number of handguns and rifles to rent. Please note: If you rent a handgun from BCOAC you are required to purchase BCOAC ammo.

*You must be 18 years old or accompanied by a parent/guardian to rent a gun from BCOAC.

Some things to keep in mind before coming to shoot:

  • We have eye and ear protection for you to use while you are here as you will be required to wear both in the range.
  • All firearms must be unloaded, cased and/or carry concealed to enter the BCOAC
  • No incendiary or tracer ammunition allowed.
  • Only single projectile ammunition is allowed.
  • Pistols and rifles up to .458 Winchester Magnum can be shot at the BCOAC’s gun range.
  • If it is your first time at the BCOAC, be sure to come early an allow up to 15 minutes for registration which includes a short range safety video which is required viewing for all first-time shooters at BCOAC.

Archery Range Facts

  • Our archery range is a state-of-the-art regulation 30-yard (27 meter) indoor archery range.
  • There are 20 lanes available with 2 shooters per lane
  • For competition or league shooting, a double line allows 80 shooters before arrow retrieval is required
  • Compound bows and arrows available for use and are FREE to all members.
  • A limited number of lockers are available for members to rent to store archery equipment. Please check with the reception desk to check availability.
  • Individual and group instructions available upon request.

Some things to keep in mind before coming to shoot:

  • Crossbows are allowed only on our designated crossbow buttress and if they are 135lb draw or less.
  • All bows must be cased and unloaded to come into the BCOAC.
  • No “Outsert” tips allowed at our range. (Points must the same diameter as the arrow shaft (flush with the shaft) to prevent damage to our buttresses and your arrows).