Monday, January 29, 2018

The Brookings County Outdoor Adventure Center Advisory Board met on Monday, January 29, 2018 with the following members present:  Ryan Krogman, Larry Jensen (appearing for Stephne Miller), Tom Krier, Andy Dupraz, Arden Sigl, Emmett Keyser, Jerry Nold, and Martin Stanwick.  Board members Stephne Miller and Tim Reed were absent.


Chairperson Krogman called the meeting to order.


A quorum was determined as being present for the current meeting.


The board added discussion of offering memberships to various non-governmental groups for auction at their fund raising events.  Motion by Sigl, seconded by Nold to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried.


Motion by Sigl, seconded by Nold to approve the minutes from the January 4, 2018 BCOAC Advisory Board meeting.  Motion carried.


Item A. Membership Night turnout, was deleted from the Agenda as it was covered the previous month.

The board discussed a request to hold the Frog-A-Thon Event at the BCOAC facility on June 9th.  Event is hosted by sponsors of the Caleb Hockett Memorial Fund.  Funds raised help assist children with medical needs and supports Brookings Police Department’s ‘Christmas for Kids’ program.  Request was made to use the BCOAC hallway space and meeting room for the event at no cost.  Motion by Stanwick, seconded by Jensen.  Motion carried.

The board discussed the possible purchase of a floor scrubber machine for use at the BCOAC.  BCOAC Director Contreras provided two quotes to the board from Hillyard cleaning service, one for $7145.49 and the other for $7425.68.  A specific floor scrubber machine is needed for use in the firearms range due to lead safety concerns.  Director Contreras sought board approval to take quotes to the Brookings County Commission for approval as this was not a budgeted item.  The new machine would be used to scrub floors in hallway, meeting rooms and other areas to help prolong the life of the floors.  Board recommended deferring action until next meeting and requested Director Contreras seek additional quotes.

The board discussed a request from the Brookings Rifle Club to hold a championship position shooting match at the BCOAC firearms range in mid-March.  The match would be held on a Sunday (date to be coordinated with Range Committee), from 8 am until 1 pm.  The Range Committee will arrange to have range safety officers present.  The Club advised they could afford to pay $200 range rental fee.  Motion by Nold, seconded by Sigl to approve.  Motion carried.

The board heard further discussion on a request from the Big Sioux Bowmen representative, Paul Wiese, regarding the fees charged to use BCOAC archery range to hold a club league shooting event.  The event would run for 8 to 10 weeks.  Wiese advised it wasn’t feasible for the club to use punch cards to pay fees for participants in this league shooting event.

The board then discussed a JOAD request made by Monte Vande Kop if a fee of $40 per session may be feasible as a ‘club rate’ to use the BCOAC archery range facility.  Vande Kop also asked if those paying $40 fee for club events could use that towards payment of full archery membership at the BCOAC facility. Krogman suggested the board consider making this ‘club rate’ standard for all club league events.  Nold suggested board consider same rates for position rifle shooter events as well.  Motion by Dupraz, seconded by Krier to establish ‘club rate’ of $40/archery range event for non-members for events lasting up to 10 weeks with fees eligible to serve as down payment for membership.  Motion carried.  Motion by Nold, seconded by Sigl to establish ‘club rate’ of $60/firearms range event for non-members for events lasting up to 10 weeks with fees eligible to serve as down payment for membership.  Motion carried.

Director Contreras briefed the board on the concept of working with the SD Department of Transportation to install tourist oriented directional signage.  ‘Recreational’ signs would be posted at each of the two I-29 exits to Brookings at a cost of $50/sign or a cost of $100 annually.  Motion by Dupraz, seconded by Sigl to approve.  Motion carried.

The board discussed BCOAC signage once again.  Krogman advised the City of Brookings has now approved installation of signage, as recommended by BCOAC.  Stein Sign Company would install the signs costing $1960/each.  Keyser advised GFP would pay cost for their signs.  Motion to proceed with installation of signs as outlined by Stanwick, seconded by Jensen.  Motion carried.

Director Contreras discussed ‘Independent contractors’ agreement form with board.   Agreement would allow independent contractors to use BCOAC facility to conduct archery, coaching, basic carry and various other classes at the facility.  The agreement form still needs to be reviewed and approved by the Brookings County State’s Attorney.  Motion by Sigl, seconded by Keyser to allow Director Contreras to take form to Brookings County Commission to seek approval.

The board continued discussions on BCOAC membership costs.  Director Contreras has developed draft schedule of membership fees.  Krogman suggest that he and Contreras review fee information and come back to board with recommendations on various membership fees, perhaps at next month’s meeting where the agenda is smaller.  If fees are adjusted, board would want to consider process for refunds or membership extensions.   Action deferred until next board meeting.

Sigl brought forward latest draft of Firearms Range standard operating procedures (SOPs) – Addendum D with recommendations for amendments developed by Firearms Range Committee for board consideration.  Sigl reviewed the recommended adjustments to the SOPs with the board.  Motion made by Sigl, seconded by Stanwick to accept recommended changes to SOPs made by Firearms Range Committee.  Motion carried.

The board discussed the SOPs recommended by the Archery Range Committee, including prohibition on the use of broadheads on arrows shot in the archery range.  Motion by Krier, seconded by Sigl to accept SOPs as recommended for the Archery Range.  Question asked during discussion on motion as to whether or not persons can use crossbows on the archery range.  Answer is yes, however, crossbow shooters must use target butts.  Motion then carried.

The board reviewed the list of Pistol and Rifle Committee (PRC) Members for 2018.  Motion by Sigl, seconded by Nold to approve members of PRC.  Motion carried.

Members of the Brookings Rifle and Pistol Club met with the Pistol and Rifle Committee to develop a trial firearms range access document that would allow them to practice position marksmanship shooting on the firearms range. The trial document was approved by the PRC.  Range safety officers will be scheduled to help oversee trial.  Trial only allows current members to participate.  Motion by Sigl, seconded by Stanwick to allowing Brookings Rifle and Pistol Club to use firearms range on trial basis for position marksmanship shooting at a range of $60 for the 10 week trial.  Motion carried.

Stanwick provided an update to the board on the NRA guns.  All NRA guns have been returned to the BCOAC facility.

The board discussed how to recognize and also how to handle various donations provided to the BCOAC for equipment, support of programming, scholarships, etc.  Whitetails Unlimited recently provided BCOAC with $750 donation to help support scholarships for Youth 4-H Program participants and for the purchase of equipment.  Board discussed various ways to direct the use of funds for scholarship funds and Director Contreras will work with others in the community to identify ways to best direct funds to individuals.  Board members were asked to encourage non-governmental organizations to consider providing funding to BCOAC to help support programming and scholarships

The board discussed Lifetime Memberships that were bestowed by previous operators of the Outdoor Adventure Center.  To date, no record of these memberships has surfaced.  No action taken by the board at this time.

Director Contreras discussed the Grand Reopening Event with the board.  Approximately 60 individuals attended the event.  A formal ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at a future Chamber Mixer event at the BCOAC.

Dupraz advised the board that the Extension Board would assist with the purchase of a TV for the BCOAC meeting room.  He advised the Extension Board will pay for ½ of the cost of the TV, up to $1000 toward the purchase of a large, 75 inch TV.

Krier asked if members are able to use 4-H targets to shoot BB guns.  Nold advised there is a concern with safety issue and that steel backers are needed for these targets.  It was suggested that we may want to ask the 4-H Shooting Sports program to develop a policy on this issue.

The board discussed the potential of offering memberships or punch cards to non-governmental organizations to use during their fund raising events as a means to help market the opportunities availab le at the BCOAC.  No formal action taken at this time.


Sigl provided a Firearms Range Committee report and discussed the process used to rent guns for use on the range.  Upon the person signing a waiver, the PRC recommends we use a process whereby we attach the person’s driver’s license or photo ID to the waiver form and hold the ID until the rental firearm is returned as a means to ensure return of the firearm.  Concerns were expressed by several board members regarding potential for theft of personal ID information.  Motion by Sigl, seconded by Nold that our process to rent a firearm would entail renter providing their original DL (no copy), photo ID or Passport and we seal those IDs in an envelope, retain them only for the duration of the rental, and return them to the renter upon return of the firearm.   Motion carried.

Archery Range Committee – no report, however, the Archery Range Committee did provide their SOPs for review by the board.


Sonia Mack was absent from meeting, so no report provided.


Director Contreras advised the board of several upcoming events/programs.  He also advised that BCOAC would be looking to hire several temporary positions to work the front desk.  Krogman encouraged board members to share information on available vacant temporary positions at the BCOAC as a means to help solicit applicants.


Motion by Sigl, seconded by Nold to adjourn. Motion carried. The next regular scheduled meeting is Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.


It is the policy of Brookings County, South Dakota not to discriminate against the Handicapped of Employment or the Provision of Service. The County of Brookings is responsive to requests for communication aids and the need to provide appropriate access, and will provide alternative formats and accessible locations consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act.



Emmett Keyser

BCOAC Secretary

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