Archery Basics

When most people think of archery, the first concept that comes to mind is their favorite fairytale, film, or TV show that features archery in the plot. In real life, people practice the art of archery for fun, competitively, and for hunting.

What if I told you that the bow & arrows shot in your favorite cinema could be taken into your own hands right here in Brookings, South Dakota? Well they can, and the Brookings County Outdoor Adventure Center will help you learn the techniques to get on the fast track of learning a lifelong hobby.

Unfortunately, evil villains and living organisms that your favorite fictional characters aim at will not be your target at the BCOAC, sorry folks. Archery practiced in our indoor facility involves shooting with a bow & arrow at a stationary target. Aiming for a bullseye is just as thrilling, we promise.

Here are a few steps to take that’ll help aim your arrow for a bullseye!


The way you place your body towards the target is crucial to hit the target. You’ll want to keep your feet shoulder width apart facing sideways towards your target.

Nock Arrow

With your draw arm, grab the arrow below the fletching and put the arrow on the arrow rest and connect the arrow and the bowstring.

Get ready to Shoot

Hinge the bow arm and drawing arm to eye level. Rotate the bow arm elbow down and away.


With your draw arm parallel to the ground, smoothly pull the string towards your face.


While at full draw, have your index finger and arrow rest and/or arrow pointed on the target.


Use your dominant eye to align the string and arrow rest and/or arrow point on the target.


Relax the hooked fingers and the back of the drawing hand at once.

Follow through/ reflect

Allow your draw arm to relax and look at the target to see what you can do better next time.

Congratulations! You now know the basics of archery. When you come out to our facility for the first time, let us know if you’d like to try shooting archery. Arrive a few minutes early for registration and purchase of a day pass. Don’t have any equipment? No problem! The BCOAC loans out bows and arrows for no additional charge! We look forward to seeing you at the BCOAC to enjoy the archery comradery.